PLEASANTON, Calif., July 9, 2007 – Interactive Solutions, Inc. today announced MovieWorks Deluxe will be renamed to MediaWorks with the launch of the Universal Macintosh version 6.2 in August. In addition to the new update, the company will launch a new website, a new Product Tour (created with MediaWorks), completely updated Help, and a new Getting Started document. The update will be free for registered users of 6.0 or higher.

“MediaWorks is a much better name than MovieWorks for the types of multimedia projects it is able to create! Half of our users are creating amazing “movie-type” productions that are not possible or difficult in other low-end, affordable movie and slide show editors, and the other half are creating high-quality, precisely-timed interactive presentations without the learning curve and expense of other high-end authoring tools, says Bill LaCommare, President, Interactive Solutions, Inc. We are all thrilled to finally have a name that better positions our flagship product in the market.