Guidelines For Software Requirements Specifications Document Inspection

Software Requirements Specification is the first stage of system development. This stage makes way for SRS document. The Software Requirements Specification document should contain a concise and complete, top quality description of the software or the system that is being considered for inspection. SRSs quality assurance is completely dependent on the use of the right methods. Here, we will have a look at the inspection methodologies in quality evaluation of Software Requirements Specifications. Reading the SRS document carefully is very important in order to understand the requirement and to raise queries about unclear, incomplete and missing requirements. The main objective of this phase is to understand the several hidden requirements.

Checklist on Inspection in Software Requirements Specifications

SRS or Software Requirement Specification is the set up a contract between the customer and the supplier telling people about the elements that would be implemented in a software application. The main features of a good SRS include correct, clear, traceable, complete, verifiable, modifiable, unambiguous, consistent and ranked for stability and importance. In case a software development team starts working on the implementation of a software without resolving the unclear or missing requirements, then this might result in defects in the software application. It is always very important to identify ambiguities in software requirement prior to designing specifications and assignment application. Remember that the cost of mending a problem in the early stages is generally lower in comparison to fixing defects during the later stages. Below, we will have a look at the guidelines for inspection in Software Requirements Specifications.

  • Ensure that the entire development team is participating in the SRS inspection procedure. The entire team should go through the SRS document carefully and then discuss all the points among each other.
  • The most important part of Software Requirements Specifications must cover the functionality and also provide information about what a particular software is intended to do. Each and every important functionality of a software in question should be covered properly.
  • The SRS document needs to be reviewed carefully. If you get hold of terms in the specifications that could result in ambiguities, you can ask the stakeholders about clarifications in such terms. The most ambiguous terms that need to be searched in the SRS include some, sometimes, mostly and may be.
  • It is important to check all the attributes and what they are considered in the Software Requirements Specifications such as portability, maintainability, security and correctness.
  • Requirements should not be assumed. In case a certain requirement is not clear, then queries need to be raised.
  • Requirements explained in large paragraphs should be broken down in small paragraphs and sentences. It would also be beneficial to prepare a graph or picture for understanding the scenario in a much better way.
  • All queries regarding unclear specifications need to be resolved by taking the help of project managers on an immediate basis.
  • Calculations involved in getting certain values should be reviewed carefully using different systems of input data.
  • Performance parameters requirement should also be checked in the SRS document.

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